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COMSAT Legacy Gallery

Welcome to The COMSAT Legacy Gallery.

The COMSAT Legacy Project is a COMARA organization formed for the single purpose of preserving the history and accomplishments of the COMSAT corporation for posterity. There have been a great many contributors to this Gallery chronicling the history and contributions of COMSAT to the state of the art of satellite communications.

The following are some of the major contributors:

  • Dan DiFonzo
  • Ron Garlow
  • Mary Hoff
  • Mike Hulley
  • Ron Johnson
  • Robert Kroll
  • Young Lee
  • Chris Mahle
  • Dave Reiser
  • Paul Schrantz
  • Arthur Standing
  • Brian Teller
  • Heather Teller
  • Steven Teller
  • David Whalen

This is not and exhustive list, but I would like it to be, for additions to the list or additions to the gallery please send me email at:

Currently, there are 28253 photos in this collection,

COMSAT Legacy Gallery